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Utility Operations

Port of the Islands CID: Florida Utility Solutions Cover Sheet December 2019

Florida Utility Solutions Cover sheet

Wastewater Plant received and treated 5.8 million gallons in December

Water Plant produced and distributed 2.1 million gallons in December 2019

Reuse distributed 10.6 million gallons in December 2019

Florida Utility Solutions, 15275 Collier Boulevard, Suite 201-268, Naples, Florida 34119, 239-4354-0951 on the web at

Utility Monthly Update December 2019

WTP Water Treatment Plant

  • water plant is operating as designed
  • SCADA work is ongoing
  • Radio communications with well field failed—had to have outside company repair

WWTP Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Daily process control is producing acceptable effluent
  • Master Lift Station pump was replaced
  • Turbidity meter is being replaced—new meter is on order
  • Florida Utility Solutions Crew are working on plant and MBR

Fire Station Pumps

  • All OK

Lift Stations

  • All lift stations are functioning properly


  • All OK


  • Received several requests for meter research, meter replacements, one request for a new meter, as well as shut-offs and turn-ons
  • All fire hydrants were painted at no charge to POI
  • Meters were read the week of December 9, 2019

Port of the Islands Annual Water Flow

Port of the Islands CID: Florida Utility Solutions water usage graph December 2019

Image description: graph of drinking water monthly flow averages from January 1, 2018 through December 1, 2019, with a high of 81,000 gallons in March 2019 and a low of 45,000 gallons in June 2019.