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Financial Documents

Florida Department of Financial Services

Monthly Unaudited Financials

Financial statements are submitted to the Board of Supervisors on a monthly basis. Anyone who would like copies of the monthly unaudited financial reports can follow this link to use the “contact form” on this website to request copies. Please cite the month and year of the report(s) in your request.


The Board adopts the budget each year in accordance with a process outlined in the Florida Statutes. Each Fiscal Year runs from October 1 to September 30. The Board will first approve a Proposed Budget in the spring and will provide it to Pinellas County and the City of Clearwater at least 60 days before the Public Budget Hearing. After the public hearing the Board will adopt the Final Budget and levy the resulting non-ad valorem assessments.

Audited Financial Statements

The District’s audited financial statements are prepared by an independent auditor and accepted by the Board; they are posted on the website below. If you are interested in an audit form a previous Fiscal Year not linked below, please contact the District Office. For more information on audits, please visit

BudgetsAudited Financial Statements
Fiscal Year 2025 Proposed BudgetFiscal Year 2023 Audit Report
Fiscal Year 2024 Adopted BudgetFiscal Year 2022 Audit Report
Fiscal Year 2023 Adopted BudgetFiscal Year 2021 Audit Report
Fiscal Year 2022 Adopted BudgetFiscal Year 2020 Audit Report
Fiscal Year 2021 Adopted BudgetFiscal Year 2019 Audit Report
Fiscal Year 2020 Adopted BudgetFiscal Year 2018 Audit Report
Fiscal Year 2019 Adopted Debt Service BudgetFiscal Year 2017 Audit Report
Fiscal Year 2019 Adopted O&M Budget
Budget Amendments
Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Amendment Resolution 2024-01
Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Amendment Resolution 2023-01
Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Amendment Resolution 2022-01