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Services Provided to the Community

The Clearwater Cay Community Development District (CDD) is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the community‚Äôs public infrastructure with the exceptions of potable water and sanitary sewer services. Some of the community assets maintained by the CDD are: stormwater management assets, retention basins, roads, streetlights, sidewalks, shoreline areas, and the primary-distribution irrigation system. A semiannual inspection is performed by a third party on all CDD assets. It is the CDD’s mandate to ensure all assets are being well-maintained for the safety of the general public and to protect their long term value.

As of November 2022, the CDD has contracted with the Grand Venezia Community Association for all maintenance “behind the gate” by the granting of a 99-year easement.

Roads and Parking Areas:

All roadways in Grand Venezia including Belleair Road from the US 19 service road are owned by the CDD. It is responsible for their ongoing maintenance, including all sidewalks, roadside landscaping, and street lights, to ensure safe travel can be enjoyed by vehicles and pedestrians alike. The main guardhouse is not a CDD asset but is owned by the Grand Bellagio Community Association and, through agreement, Grand Venezia residents have access to their community through the gate. The CDD inspects all community assets, including road surfaces and sidewalks, on a scheduled basis so that the Board can ensure that those assets are being maintained as expected to provide safe pedestrian and automobile travel routes within the community. The holiday lighting and landscape features on Belleair Road are also part of the CDD responsibilities.

Storm Water Management System

The CDD owns and maintains the storm water management system, including retention basins, storm sewers, and other structures that hold storm water during rain events and distribute it to receiving areas, such as Tampa Bay, to mitigate the effects of flooding.

Irrigation System

The CDD owns and maintains the irrigation water distribution system. This includes pump stations and a distribution system which provides all irrigation water to the properties within the District. The system is maintained by an irrigation maintenance firm which is in the community on a regular basis as they also perform landscape maintenance.   

Other Assets/ Services Provided to the Community

The CDD has built the following features:

Kayak racks are provided for rent on a limited basis to residents who enter into an annual agreement. Kayak rack rental is maintained by the GVCOA.

Clearwater Cay CDD Kayak racks for rent

Two fire pits have been built to be casual socializing spots for residents within the community.

Newly constructed firepit at Grand Venezia

Trimming of the mangroves has been performed periodically, although owned by the GVCOA.