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CDD Election Information

Click here to see the Pinellas County Supervisors of Elections website information for candidates and a special notice regarding COVID-19 and filing electronically.

Click here for Clearwater Cay CDD special district 2020 Candidate Qualifying Requirements information.


Candidate qualifying forms can be found at

  1. Form DS-DE 9 (Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository) OR *Affidavit of Intention Form Candidate must file a Form DS-DE 9 before opening a campaign account [F.S. 106.021] *Florida Statute 99.061(3) – Special District Candidates have the option not to open a campaign account and not to appoint a campaign treasurer if the candidate does not collect contributions and the only expense is the qualifying fee or petition signature verification fee. 
  2. Form DS-DE 84 (Statement of Candidate) Candidate must file within ten (10) days after filing Form DS-DE 9 [F.S. 106.023]
  3. Form DS-DE 302NP (Candidate Oath – Nonpartisan Office) Candidate must file during the Pre-Qualifying or Qualifying Period [F.S. 99.021]
  4. Form 1 2019 (Statement of Financial Interests) Candidate must file during the Pre-Qualifying or Qualifying Period [F.S. 99.061(5)]



Qualifying Period:  NOON, June 8, 2020 – NOON, June 12, 2020

·         Please call (727) 464-4987 to make an appointment to file your qualifying documents

·         Pre-qualifying papers can be accepted beginning May 26, 2020*

* Florida Statute 99.061(8) states that qualifying papers may be submitted to the qualifying officer up to 14 days prior to the qualifying period. However, the papers will not be processed and filed until the qualifying period actually begins. All papers submitted before the qualifying period are still subject to any and all requirements prescribed in Florida Statute 99.061(7)(a).


·         $25.00 (Check made payable to Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections)

·         Check to pay qualifying fee can only be accepted during the Pre-Qualifying or Qualifying Period


·         Deadline to submit petitions: PRIOR to NOON, May 11, 2020

·         25 valid signatures of registered voters residing in the district

·         Petition Form – DS-DE 104 can be found at 

·         Signature verification fee of $0.10 per petition must be paid when petitions are submitted

Write-In Candidates [F.S. 99.061(4)(b)]

·         Names of write-in candidates do not appear on the ballot

The above information is pulled from the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections website and is not meant to be exhaustive. Please familiarize yourself with the requirements for Supervisor elections.