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District Infrastructure and Property

The District issued its Series 2006A Bonds (“Bonds”) to fund the construction and/or acquisition of water and sewer utilities, stormwater management improvements, landscaping, seawalls, parking areas, streetlights, and roadways. The Bonds also funded the demolition of a shopping center previously located on the Commonwealth parcel, which has since been contracted from the District in August of 2021. The District owns property located around the Harbourside office building and the Grand Venezia condominium development.

District Annual Budgets

The District will annually approve both a Series 2006A Bond debt service budget, and an operations and maintenance “O&M” budget. The Series 2006A Bonds require level annual debt service and so the bond debt service budget will not vary substantially from year-to-year.

District Annual Non-Ad Valorem Assessments

The District annually collects from property owners within its boundaries both a bond debt service assessment and an O&M assessment. The bond debt service assessment helps amortize the District’s Series 2006 Bonds. The O&M assessment funds the District’s annual O&M activities.

For more information on Assessments see the dedicated page.

Premier District Management, LLC.

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