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Summary Letter – November 2020


November 12, 2020
Board of Supervisors
Clearwater Cay Community Development District

Dear Supervisors:

A regular meeting of the Clearwater Cay Community Development District Board of Supervisors will be held on November 19, 2020 at 5:30 PM at the Grand Venezia at Baywatch Clubhouse, 2704 Via Murano, Clearwater, Florida 33764. The Agenda is included in Section 2 and a few points of interest are as follows:

  • The meeting will begin with the swearing in of elected Supervisors and the consideration of Board reorganization with Resolution 2021-01 as required after an election affecting the Board
  • The Audit Selection Committee recommendations from November 19th will be presented for Board consideration
  • Enclosed are the regular meeting minutes from September 24, 2020; the financials for September and October were sent under separate cover
  • There will be updates on various landscaping efforts, community lighting projects, stormwater improvements, the carwash hose wheel repair
  • There will be further discussion and updates on the garage lease program, parking enforcement, and reconsideration of a previously provided community-wide pressure washing proposal
  • The District Manager will present a proposed amendment to the PDM Management Services agreement to include FEMA required language

Any supporting documents not enclosed that may become available will be distributed via email and handed out at the meeting. If there are any questions or requests prior to the meeting, feel free to contact me.


Signature of Calvin Teague, District Manager

Calvin Teague
District Manager