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Field Manager Report

Port of the Islands Community Improvement District

Community Field Services – Field Management Report

Site Inspection on 12/30/19

1. Lake Management:

A. Lake Maintenance:

  1. The retention ponds were in moderate condition this month. New torpedo grass growth was observed in Ponds #1 & 3, water levels are average for this time of year, hydrilla was observed treated in pond #2 and algae was slightly present within all 3 ponds. Turbidity (cloudiness / murkiness) also remains high throughout all the ponds. Additional pond management details are below.

B. Littoral Plants:

  1. No concerns observed this month. EarthGuard will be planting 300 additional littorals to the 3 retention ponds as soon as we near the rainy season. There will be a mixture of pickerel weed, yellow canna, arrowhead and Eleocharis being planted. We currently don’t have an update yet from EarthGuard as to when the littorals will be planted.
  2. Bulrush around Pond #2 show recent signs of treatment.

C. Shoreline Weeds: Weed concerns that should be addressed:

  1. Torpedo grass was observed growing in retention ponds #1 & 3.

D. Submerged Weeds: Hydrilla that was observed in pond #2 next to the headwall closest to Cays Drive last month has been treated.

E. Algae: A low amount of algae was present in the 1st and 3rd retention ponds.                                        

F. Fish: No concerns observed this month. 

G. Trash: No concerns observed this month.     

H. Shoreline Landscaping: No new concerns observed this month.

I. Bank Erosion: No concerns observed this month.

2. Roadways:

A. Asphalt: No new concerns were observed this month.

B. Potholes: The potholes on Union Road east of the old hotel are continuing to increase in size.

C. Curbing / Storm Water Gutters: No concerns observed this month.  

D. Street Signage:

  1. The fire hydrant on Newport Drive just north of Evening Star Cay is missing its blue roadway reflector. We’ll have it replaced by our maintenance technician.
  2. The striping that says “STOP” at the Newport Drive & 41 intersection has faded and the Board may want us to repaint it.
  3. The Cays Drive & Wilderness Cay roadway signs that were found bent last month have been straightened.
  4. On October 19th, 2019 Orchid Cove was hit by a windstorm causing damage to several signs. A repair estimate has been obtained by Lykins Signtek and a claim has been submitted to the insurance company. The following issues are currently present.
    • Road Name Signs Union Road / Swan Way came off the post. Signs are no longer present and now need to be replaced.
    • Stop Sign on Swan Way needs to be straightened.
    • Fire Sign on Swan Way is missing and needs to be replaced.  
    • Crosswalk Sign on Peacock Ln needs to be replaced and post needs to be reinstalled.
    • Peacock Lane sign further down the road needs to be re-installed onto the post. Sign is no longer present.

E. Roadway Landscaping:

  1. The invasive tree that is growing around the cabbage palm next to the overflow parking lot has been cut down by Soto.
  2. The Canary Island Palm tree at the entrance of Cays Drive that is infected with ganaderma will be removed by Soto.
  3. The new landscaping within the Cays Drive medians are looking alive and well. We received a few compliments from residents during this inspection.
  4. The homeowner living at 123 Newport Drive reported to us that the home being built just south of him needs to clean out the driveway culvert. It’s currently clogged with silt and during the recent rainfall events water remained on his property for a much longer time killing some of his sod. We’ll ask the District Manager to send a letter to the new homeowner.

F. Roadway Lighting: No new concerns were observed this month.  

3. Sidewalks:

Vegetation at the end of Cays Drive is beginning to encroach into the sidewalk area and needs to be cut back. We’ll have our maintenance technician complete this task.

4. Storm Drainage System:

A. Catch Basins:

  1. A large piece of concrete was observed in the catch basin across from the home being built at 157 Cays Drive. If the water levels go down enough, I’ll have our maintenance technician remove the concrete.
  2. Roadway structures will be cleaned later this month when we have the pressure washer onsite.

B. Water Control Structures (WCS): All structures are currently clear of debris.

  1. Sunset Cay: No concerns present.  
  2. Venus Cay: No concerns present. 
  3. Windward Cay: No concerns present. 
  4. Wilderness Cay: No concerns present. 
  5. Water Plant: No concerns present. 
  6. Retention Ponds: No concerns present.    

C. Flumes: No concerns observed this month.

D. Culverts:

  1. Florida Utility Solutions still hasn’t flushed out the 2 culverts in front of 194-242 Newport Drive, the 1 in front of 170 Newport Drive & the 1 at the entrance to Sunrise Cay yet.
  2. The culvert inlet at the entrance to 142 Newport Drive was found approximately 40% filled with silt and rip rap. We’ll have our maintenance technician clean out the inlet.

E. Drain Pipes: No issues observed this month.

F. Drainage Swales / Dry Detention Ponds / Banks: The overgrown vegetation within the detention ponds around the water plant should be cut down and removed during this dry season. Once the vegetation has been removed the inter-connect pipes should be inspected and cleaned out (if needed) to allow for optimal drainage.

5. Front Entrance Monuments:

The following issues were observed this month.

A. Main Monument:

  1. Structure needs to be pressure washed.
  2. One light fixture for the main monument next to the flagpole on Newport Drive remains out.   

B. Side Monuments: No concerns observed.

C. Landscaping: Several shrubs in front of the Newport Drive (exit side) monument need to be replaced.  

D. Landscape Lights: The landscape lights facing the Cays Drive monument sign were adjusted to light up the sign.

E. Flagpole: No concerns this month.   

F. 41 Median:

  1. The plants that were damaged by a vehicle two months ago still need to be replaced by Soto.
  2. There are two irrigation risers also in the area where the vehicle drove through the median that still needs to be straightened / repaired.
  3. Minimal new weed growth was observed.

G. Cays Drive Entrance: No concerns observed this month.

H. Union Road Entrance: No concerns observed this month.

6. Irrigation System:

Irrigation wires remain exposed in the Newport Drive median next to where Soto transplanted the agave plant. If the wires are active, they should be buried.

7. Mosquito Spraying:

No updates or concerns have been provided to us to report this month.  

8. Residential Complaints / Concerns:

A. 12/27/19: Homeowner at 123 Newport Drive informed us that the new house being build just south of him is causing storm water drainage issues due to the driveway culvert being clogged with silt. We inspected the area and confirmed that the culvert needs to be cleaned out. The new homeowner will be notified.

9. Airplane Club – CID Land:

No concerns observed this month. The area was clean during this inspection.

10. Non-CID Issues Observed:

No concerns observed this month.

11. Fish/Wildlife Observations:

Egrets, Anhinga, Woodstork, Bream, Herons, Ducks, Osprey, Alligator, Gambusia & Ibis.

12. CID Project Updates:

No projects to currently update the Board on.

13. Water Treatment Plant:

A. Fire Hydrants: No concerns observed this month.   

B. Meter Boxes / Valves: No concerns observed this month.   

C. Missing Valve Box Covers at:

  1. 168 & 169 Venus Cay.

D. Wells: Roadway to the wells needs to be cutback by Soto.

E. Boil Water Notices: No notices issued this month.

Line Breaks / System Concerns: No new concerns observed this month.