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Draft Meeting Minutes for July 22, 2021

Clearwater Cay Community Development District

The meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Clearwater Cay Community Development District was held on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. at the Grand Venezia Baywatch Clubhouse at 2704 Via Murano in Clearwater, Florida 33764 and via web conference.

Present (or attending via web conference) and constituting a quorum were:

Don Dwyer – Chair
Patrick O’Malley – Vice Chair
Alan Glidden – Assistant Secretary
Steve Whitehurst – Assistant Secretary
Mike Herd – Assistant Secretary

Also present (or attending via web conference) were:

Cal Teague – District Manager
Dan Molloy – Attorney
Nancy Dudak – Premier District Management (PDM)

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS Call to Order and Roll Call

The meeting was called to order and the Chair called the roll. All Board members were present. Also attending were the Cal Teague, District Manager and Dan Molloy, Attorney. Attending virtually was Nancy Dudak from Premier District Management.

SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of the Agenda

The Board reviewed the Agenda with one addition: item 6C discussion of Fiscal Year 2022 Budget.

On MOTION by Chair Dwyer, seconded by Supervisor O’Malley, with all in favor, the Board approved the amended agenda.

THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Audience Comments on Agenda Items

There being none the next Order of Business followed.

FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of Meeting Minutes

A. Draft Meeting Minutes for June 26, 2021

The Board reviewed the Meeting Minutes from June 26, 2021.

On MOTION by Chair Dwyer, seconded by Supervisor Glidden, with all in favor, the Board approved the Meeting Minutes from June 26, 2021 as submitted.


A. Landscape Efforts and Updates

i. Sod

The Chair stated he did a walkthrough with the landscaping company to view the areas of sod that get trampled and where the sod is not regenerating itself. The quote from the landscaping company for replacement sod and pavers came in at $15,000. The Board had only authorized the Chair to spend $5,000 to address this issue. Supervisor Glidden asked if they could receive a copy of the quote with the breakdown of costs for sod and pavers separately.

On MOTION by Chair Dwyer, seconded by Supervisor Whitehurst, with all in favor, the Board approved tabling the discussion until next meeting.

ii. Pavers

See comments on item “i” above.

iii. Tree Trimming

The Tree trimming company completed work on 80-90% of the palm trees. They have not finished trimming the trees by the water. The company will return on Friday to complete the work. Chair Dwyer stated he would not sign off on the work until it is completed to his satisfaction.

iv. Belleair Road Median

The cleanup work on the median is finished.

B. Entry Lights Update

Chair Dwyer stated that the new lights look great and asked why the Board had not included the next 5 trees inside the gate on the Grand Venezia side. Supervisor Glidden responded that the initial project was to replace the Christmas lights not to expand the amount of lighting. Supervisor O’Malley requested, and it was agreed, that Supervisor Glidden will request a bid for the 5 trees and the 3 trees at the entrance where the car accident occurred. In addition, the Board requested a quote for a reflector or sign at the Belleair median where the light pole was damaged and removed. These items will be agenda topics and discussed at the next meeting. Additionally, Supervisor O’Malley asked the Board to drive around the circle behind the gatehouse and consider if there are any trees in this location that lights should be added.

C. Seawall Sinkhole Repairs Update

The work has been completed and Chair Dwyer stated that contractor did a great job on the seawall repairs and there is a 3 year warranty on their work.

D. Parking Issues

Supervisor Glidden updated the Board with recent issues. Mr. Glidden stated he will only address complaints and issues raised. One issue is the frequency of people parking at the carwash. After discussion, it was agreed that at the carwash, due to limited parking spaces in the general area, towing and tickets will only be issued if any parking violations occur during the day. They will not make an issue if the parking is only on the overnight time period and the car is moved first thing in the morning.

On MOTION, by Supervisor Herd, seconded by Supervisor Whitehurst, with all in favor, to have Chair Dwyer and Supervisor Glidden responsible to issue violations, notices, and towing of cars on a daily basis.


A. Kayak Storage

After discussion the Chair stated he would ask the GVCOA board to take over the ownership of the kayak rack and slip rental, and manage the system. Supervisor Glidden stated that the current leases are $75 per year and the new leases begin in August. Supervisor Glidden suggested that the rental increase go to $100 from $75.

On MOTION, by Chair Dwyer and second by Supervisor O’Malley, approved by all, to transfer the management and the asset of the kayak storage to the GVCOA with the condition that the current policies and procedures including the waitlist remain in place.

It was noted by Mr. Molloy, legal counsel, that the Board could transfer the asset.

B. Engineering Services Contract Revision Proposal

An amended service contract for Engineering Services from Chris Dausch was presented and reviewed and

On MOTION, by Chair Dwyer and seconded by Supervisor Glidden, with all in favor, to accept the new service contract for engineering services at the increased rate of $150 per hour.

C. Discussion of FY 2022 Budget

The District Manager explained that with the extraction of the Vue from the District, the CDD will experience a loss of $127,000 and the CDD can’t replace it in Fiscal Year 2022 with increases, just a reduction in expenses. He presented proposed amendments to address the loss. The proposed changes mostly included:

  • An increase in revenue of $25,000 as a one time payment from the Vue settlement.
  • A reduction in legal, due to the Vue lawsuit settlement of $30,000. 
  • A $10,000 reduction in the litigation line items.
  • A $5,000 reduction in Road Maintenance.
  • Elimination of landscape renewal and replacement of $15,000
  • Elimination of Capital Improvements of $30,530. 
  • Various other smaller reductions.

The Chair stated that he spoke with the GVCOA and they may be willing to consider maintaining the property inside the gate.  The District Manager commented that if the Board adopts the changes, then the Board has a full year to decide what they want to do in the future. 


A. Proposal and Invoice Process Review

The District Manager reviewed the processes and procedures the Board should follow to ensure the District was working in compliance with laws regarding E-Verify and to ensure that the vendors were getting paid in a timely manner. The Board was asked to submit proposals to the staff for review prior to authorizing any work to begin.

B. Insurance Claim Report Update

The claim is between the insurance companies at this time, according to the District Manager.

C. FY 2020 Audited Financial Report

The audit is not completed but expected to be ready for the next meeting.


The June 2021 financial report was reviewed and

On Motion by Chair Dwyer with Second by Supervisor O’Malley and approved by all the June 2021 Financial statement was approved as submitted.


A. Debt Assessment Validation Update

The Attorney commented that this is still being litigated by the Courts and he expects they will render a decision by the end of September.

B. Vue Lawsuit/Contraction from District Update

Signed and executed as the city agreed to the removal of the Vue from the Clearwater CDD.

C. Contract for Labor Services with GVCOA

Chair Dwyer stated that he is working out some of the details and will be working with the Attorney, Mr. Molloy to work out the final deal and present to the Board. Additional comments were made during the budget discussion portion of the meeting.

C. Florida House Bill 53

The District Manager reviewed the requirements of the new bill stating that the Board must have a written 20-year plan for Storm Water Management System submitted to the county with updates submitted every 5 years. The Engineer will be working on a written plan to submit.

TENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Supervisor Requests and/or Comments

  • Supervisor O’Malley asked what was the final vote that from the City Council meeting. Was there a split vote? It was reported that it was a unanimous vote.
  • Supervisor O’Malley also asked about when/if the bonds are paid off, will the CDD be dissolved and what would happen to Belleair Road maintenance responsibility if this happened?


There being none, the next Order of Business was followed.


There being no further business, and

The Meeting was adjourned by Chair Dwyer at 6:52 pm


Secretary/Assistant Secretary
Chair/Vice Chair